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"Business Owner and Cat Enthusiast."

- Charlie Kelly, Always Sunny in Philadelphia


Meet Kelly

  • Primary wedding photographer and wannabe ice cream taste-tester.

  • Wife to Zach

  • Cat mom to Macro & Pixel

  • Saved by grace

  • People person and homebody simultaneously.

  • Probably belting it out to Beyoncé or watching The Office. 

  • Aspires to love people like Jesus & Leslie Knope


Hi! I'm Kelly!

     I started photographing weddings "accidentally" almost 8 years ago while in nursing school, when a friend asked if I would just take some photos at their wedding because they couldn't afford a photographer. Initially I didn't want to and was so nervous, but that day I fell in love with weddings! Since that day I have photographed almost 200 weddings and still love it!

      In June 2017, when I was the bride on the other side of the camera, it was so eye opening! There is so much work that goes into a wedding day and it gave me such an immense respect for my couples!!

      It also brought the importance of photos into focus. That day rushed by at top speed and what they say is true; it's over SO quickly. When we got out photos (and video) I was amazed at how much I had missed and I coveted every little documented memory to fill in those blanks. I was never more convinced of the importance of documenting weddings and documenting them well!

 - Kelly



I mean, I guess that's obvious since I married him, but he's simply the best. :)

my favorite things


Meet Zach 

  • the second photographer at most weddings!

  • Husband to Kelly

  • Loves dogs (but lives as a cat person for Kelly)

  • Would spend every weekend hiking if he could

  • Believes the only mint-flavored thing should be toothpaste

  • Loves disney

  • Favorite movies: Goodfellas & Hot Fuzz

"You complete me"

- Michael Scott, The Office


our story

Kaypea Photography

Zach & Kelly met in January 2013 when Kelly's best friend invited Zach's best friend to a movie night at Kelly's apartment. Zach's best friend brought Zach.

Kaypea Photography

Meet Macro & Pixel

"Without my cats, I am utterly and completely alone."

- Angela Martin, The Office

Kaypea Photography


Kaypea Photography


  • Total Lap Cat

  • Will Meow until you let him cuddle

  • Max for short!

  • Quirkiest Cat Ever

  • Chirps instead of meows

  • Pix for short!

We love to include our cats in our annual Halloween & Christmas "Family" photos! 


We love to travel. We have been to 4 out of 7 continents and the goal is all 7 one day!

Our Travels

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